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Even the admiral was stunned by its beauty.

bugenvilija, bugenwilia, bogenvilija, bougainvillier, bougainvillea webshop

The bougainvillea is named after its discoverer, Admiral Louis Antoine de Bougainville, who sailed around the world with his botanist. Thanks to the emergence of an ever more dazzling array of new mutations, it has become one of the most varied exotic plants and a quintessential coastal climbing vine in Mediterranean countries.

Choose from over 200 exotic bougainvillea (bugenvilija, bugenwilia, bogenvilija, bougainvillier) ornamental plants from our European webshop

More than 200 mutations to choose from.

A collection of basic varieties and Far Eastern rarities. If you don't have a favourite colour yet, you are sure to find it here.

Order special bougainvillea Mediterranean plants from a Hungarian nursery in Europe - hellobloom bougainvillea webshop

Mediterranean ornamental plant from a Hungarian nursery.

Forget about ordering from abroad with all its uncertainties, deliveries taking weeks, and more expensive prices when you actually factor in all the extra costs.
We're right here on your doorstep.

Looking for a Mediterranean plant? Do you like colours? Choose from more than 200 varieties of bougainvillea, bugenvilija, bugenwilia, bogenvilija, bougainvillier - exotic, colourful climbing plant in the European Union

You can try to look elsewhere for better value, but it will be in vain.
We have tried.

The limited quantity is due to the difficulties of propagation. If you miss the exact right time, you may have to wait years.

Exotic ornamental plants: bougainvillea in a variety of colours, with safe delivery, with plant passport from a Hungarian nursery in Europe

Not only is the health of your plant guaranteed. Yours is too.

Your order will arrive with a plant passport and invoice, providing complete peace of mind, and your stress factor will be zero.

Mediterranean ornamental plants with secure payment and home delivery from our European bougainvillea webshop

Secure payment and 
home delivery.

We work exclusively with well-respected and reliable partners. Your order will go like clockwork.

hellobloom bougainvillea webshop: we take care of you and your special Mediterranean plant even after your purchase

After payment we won’t leave you in the lurch.

Do you have a question? We are at your disposal with our plant care guide and our vast experience. Just ask, don't keep it to yourself!!

You can trust us.

An exotic, Mediterranean, colourful plant: this is the bougainvillea. Over 200 varieties to choose from. Shipping within the European Union is possible, and your plant will arrive within a few days of ordering.

As an artisanal nursery based in Hungary in Europe, we are dedicated exclusively to growing, propagating and selling bougainvillea mutations.

Our purchasing system is overseen by the National Food Chain Safety Office (NÉBIH). Our mother plants and propagations are supervised by a plant protection expert, a plant protection specialist and a plant doctor assigned by NÉBIH. Our bougainvillea are delivered with a plant passport. The plant passport is the official label required for the transport of plants within the European Union, certifying that the plants bearing it meet the health requirements of all EU plants.

In addition to the bougainvillea varieties well known in Europe, our collection also includes the rarest tropical mutations. The procurement of mother plants and propagation from them is continuous. We propagate locally and do not sell to other traders.

Our plants can be delivered to any place in European Union within a few days of order.

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Why do you need a bougainvillea?

Colourful, Mediterranean plant, this is bougainvillea


Once it's in bloom, there's not a patio, balcony or garden it can’t conquer. It'll be the jewel of your garden.


Is your family important to you, do you have small children or pets? Bougainvillea won't come between you.


A flowering cycle lasts up to 5-6 weeks, during which time its bracts will radiate for you in a huge variety of colours.


Whatever your favourite colour is, we probably have it.


Mass propagation is simply not economical in our climate, so you'll only find a few basic varieties in your local nursery.


If you're allergic to insect stings, there's nothing to worry about. Bougainvillea is a funnel-shaped flower plant, and in our country only the hummingbird hawk-moth can access its nectar by means of its long, thin proboscis. The hawk-moth does not sting.


The man behind the flowers.

The man behind the hellobloom bougainvillea webshop is Krisztián. He is a bougainvillea collector and a lover of colourful exotic and Mediterranean plants. Bugenvilija, bugenwilia, bogenvilija, bougainvillier

I am not a gardener. I'm a forager. I don't have a degree in horticulture. But I do have a hobby that has become my life.

I don’t have qualifications; I didn't learn from books. But I do understand something about plants: they communicate with flowers, scents, colours, patterns and leaves. Everything I know about them, I learned from them.

My childhood was imbibed with nature. Why bougainvillea? In this glorious tropical-Mediterranean ornamental plant I found all the diversity of nature that I had seen as a child.

In the spring of 2018, I held a bougainvillea in my hands for the first time, even if it was a bonsai. Knowing that every bonsai is a scaled-down replica of its natural counterpart, I started investigating. That's how my hobby found me. And I found myself.

I am grateful because I get to do what I love. I'm rich because I make memories. I am proud because I create something. I'm happy because I'm working for the things that make childhood great: preserving the relationship between man and nature.

I am an event organiser with a degree in economics. If you like my story, check out my webshop.

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Bring colour into your life.

How to grow your exotic ornamental bougainvillea: care, maintenance, pruning, wintering

If you're just getting to know this uniquely colourful and versatile tropical-Mediterranean ornamental plant, click on the icons below for a whole host of useful care tips. They will reward every minute of attention you give to them and provide you with mountains of joy. Bougainvillea are not frost-tolerant plants and cannot be kept outdoors in our climate, so our advice focuses on growing them in pots, wooden or other containers.

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